Okay I gotta commit to a set of heads. I have a set of 306, 317 and 853 heads. I put a Texas Speed Torquer V3 231/234 .643/598 111 camshaft in my 99 LS1. Motor came out of a TA.

Along with the cam I am running the edelbrock carb intake with MSD setup. Also installed set of 3.905 Bore, 3.622 Stroke, 6.125 Rod, -4cc Dish LS1/LS6 Mahle Forged pistons with Scat forged I beams 6.1".

Cam came with 7.425 hardened push rods and PRC .675 dual hive valve spring kit with seats, seals, and retainers.

The short block is now complete and now it's time to put heads together. I was thinking about having the 317 heads milled .030 but in reading other posts people have talked about loss of torque, etc. I got the parts so which head should I use?

Application is in street rod project so power to weight will be insane either way. My goal is the 425-450hp range.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.