Sorry if this has been asked before but I did some searching and haven't really found an anwser. My car suddenly decided not to start today and from looking thru various threads here I am pretty sure it has something to do with the vats system. ( security light blinks on and off when I have key in and battery, fuses, etc... seem ok) I have general mechanicl skills. I have done mostly simple things on my car i.e. changed alternator, power steering pump, power window motor. Small things like that. By trade I work with electronics in the headend of a communications company so I like to think I do pretty well with wiring and multi meters and things of such nature. I know there is a way to bypass this all together by putting a resistor in myself but I'd rather not take that route. I am considering purchasing a new switch and a new key with the same size resistor pellet as my orgional. What I am wondering is has anyone here ever done this? If so would it likley be over my head? Can it be done with your average tools? Do you have to pull the steering wheel off? If i get a key with the same size resistor I shouldn't have to change anything else right?( sorry if thats a silly question but I'm new to this). You get the idea just a geneal rundown of what needs to be done. I realize I could just take it to a dealer to be done but in all honesty I spent almost all the $$ I had until payday to get it towed to my house. Anyways thanks ahead of time sorry for such a ungodly long post I suck at getting to the point.