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Hard to install?

This is a discussion on Hard to install? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have an o2 sensor out. How hard are they to install? And does anyone know of a webist explaining ...

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    Hard to install?

    I have an o2 sensor out. How hard are they to install? And does anyone know of a webist explaining how to? Also where can I get the new sensors. thanks for the help ahead of time.

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    no not hard just kinda tight for the top ones.
    bottom ones are easy enough you just have to get the car off the ground a bit.I like ramps although you must jack the car up and slide the ramps in under the tires,or use some boards to lengthen the ramp approach.
    You can get the sensors from any parts store,auto zone,oreily's,napa.
    pick up a 7/8 sensor wrench or borrow one to make it a tad easier.

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    I don't remember on stock manifolds if you have the room but I just use a crescent wrench to take the O2's out. I have longtubes though and they're easy to get to.

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    They aren't too hard. Maybe hit them with some PB Blaster spray ahead of time and get the car on ramps or jack it up(use jackstands for safety). I'm doing headers this weekend so I need to take mine out to reuse them.

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    You said, "I have "an" o2 sensor out. An meaning one...I hope you know wich one, there are four. But further more, if you know it is just one, post the code, the o2 sensor may be the thing throwing the code, but it is not neccessarily bad, broke, or the thing causing it. Fix the cause not the problem.

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    Its a simple instail, use either a 7/8 wrench or 02 sensor socket or a cresent if you can get it in there, just dis-connect the harness and pull the sensor, although do you know which one is bad? If its throwing a code let us know and well hook ya up. LIke said above you can pick up a new sensor at any local parts store.

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