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gto check oil light

This is a discussion on gto check oil light within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My service oil light came on last night. No biggie, I figured id change my oil today. Well, this morning ...

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    gto check oil light

    My service oil light came on last night. No biggie, I figured id change my oil today. Well, this morning I left for work and the check oil light was on as well as the service oil light. I added a quart. Still the light was on. I revved the engine and it went out. I changed the oil at lunch and filter (Mobil 1 5w30 Delco filter). The check oil light is still on just after starting but will go away after running a while. There is a tapping from the engine so I know the pressure is low. I have a guage I will hook up tonight.

    Any ideas about this problem? Am i looking at a oil pump? Is this a blockage? Where is the best place to look for the problem?

    Also since this when I drive it and decelerate, occasionally the service engine soon light will apear but will soon go off. could this be related?

    My car is a 04 gto bone stock. 82k miles. shes my baby and a daily driver.


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    I'd take the oil sender out and check it with a mechanical gauge.
    Could be as simple as a bad oil pressure sensor,which sometimes throws a code in the pcm.

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    ^^Agree with above. Happened to me. Threw a scanner on and got a low voltage signal code. Swapped switch and all is good.

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