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grinding noise from rear wnd

This is a discussion on grinding noise from rear wnd within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; OK so, i have a 2000 trans am, and for a long time now there is a washing/grinding/rubbing noise coming ...

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    grinding noise from rear wnd

    OK so, i have a 2000 trans am, and for a long time now there is a washing/grinding/rubbing noise coming from the rear passenger tire, everybody has thrown there 2 cents on what it could be but nothing has helped, they said it could be the rear wheel bearings, so i went and bought some tore apart the axle and the bearings on both sides looked good, next is was suspected to be the rotors or the pads, so i went out and bought new rotors and pads for the rear end. ANYBODY have a problem similar than this, idk how much longer i can turn up the bass to drowned out the noise. PS im stationed overseas and the mechanics here blow, so taking it to them is not an option.

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    can you post a video?

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    My wifes 2000 camaro was doing the same thing. A grinding growling noise, which I knew right away was definately a bearing in the rear somewhere.

    I pulled the rear cover and found several 3" long slivers of metal and tons of fine metal shavings stuck to the magnet. My best guess without tearing it completely apart is that I had a pinion bearing or a side carrier bearing going south. Definately a bearing coming apart.

    Rather than tear it all apart and replace every bearing in the rear (it was all contaminated at this point) I decided to build a 12 bolt for it and be done with it. I'm still in the process as we speak.

    If you pulled your axles already then you've had the rear cover off. I assume you didn't see anything abnormal in there since you didn't mention it....

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    Check your bearings with the car off the ground by spinning the rear wheels while in neutral. Get yourself a mechanics stethoscope and put the probe against the center of the rearend while spinning the rear wheels and listen for any noise. If you hear a noise, most likely it's the pinion bearing. And like FBJ said, get a 12-bolt and swap it in. You can install it yourself, even with jackstands and a floorjack. At first, I thought it was the right rear tire rubbing against the wheelhouse as some F-bodies have an offset rear. Keep us posted.

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