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Gotta Chirp

This is a discussion on Gotta Chirp within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm hearing a little chirp or squeal from what sounds like the A/C belt on my '98 TA on initial ...

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    Gotta Chirp

    I'm hearing a little chirp or squeal from what sounds like the A/C belt on my '98 TA on initial start-up. After some warming up, it'll go away and sound normal.
    I replaced the belts slightly more than a month ago. I just bought a replacement belt today for a quick swap, and I know my A/C compressor has a slight leak due to dye added to the system. Still holds a charge for now but will replace in the near future.
    If the belt doesn't fix this squeal, can this be a pulley or tensioner issue or can the compressor do this too? I was always under the assumption that squeals were always indicative of a belt about to go out. If I just replaced the belt and it's wearing out a new one, what should I look to fix?

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    Could be the idler pulley. Try spraying the belt with silicone. Should go away.

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    Get a wire brush and let the belt run over it, that almost always fixes belt squeak. It is probably just dirty or old I know mine is starting to show its age, spray for me just went everywhere and didn't last.

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    Belt dressing is also a good way to isolate a problem. If you shoot the belt and the noise immediately goes away, you know you have a worn belt or possibly a loose tensioner pulley. If the noise does not go away, then you need to start checking the idler and tensioner pulleys for a problem -- and possibly the water pump. Also, some belts just tend to be noisy. Highly recommend the Goodyear Gatorbacks or repacement AC/Delco belts.

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