I started my car up the other day for the first time since December, i recently upgraded from a FAST 92/92 combo to the 102/102 combo. Car started and idled perfectly. This shocked me my car has never idles right since my cam swap. Took the car out for a spin and the car drove better then it ever has. After driving the car for about 20 min my CEL comes on but the car is still running fine. I park the codes and go rent a code reader find out i am getting 2 different codes.

P0412 Secondary Air injection system Valve A malfunction
P0506 - Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected

while i am a little premature posting this because i think i found a vac leak in my manifold since somehow the HVAC line came unplugged while installing the line and its impossible to put on with the manifold on. So i have to take the intake off to plug that line. I am hoping this would fix my idle CEL code. Other then fixing that vac leak i am at a loss on what to do with the AIR code since i no longer have the AIR system in my car and had been tuned out mid last summer and never popped up until now.