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Fuel pump replacement

This is a discussion on Fuel pump replacement within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi all. 98 TA my fuel pump is started whinning after i drove the car for about an hour a ...

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    Fuel pump replacement

    Hi all. 98 TA my fuel pump is started whinning after i drove the car for about an hour a few months ago. I tried using UCL and it didn't work. I still have the stock pump in it. Now the fuel pump is whinning all the time even with a full tank of fuel. I'm thinking is fixing to go.

    After doing a lot of reading in this forum and othesr I decided to get the racetronics pump with the hot wire kit. This should be a PnP right? Do I need to do anything different than what the included instructions say?
    Will this pump work like the factory meaning that I can go up to "E" in the fuel gauge and still work? I never let it drop under a 1/4 of a tank but since I don't have a low fuel lights I forget sometimes... This car is my daily driver with minimal mods. The only mods are borla exhaust, LS6 intake, air lid and basic tune from Frost (awesome costumer service by the way).

    I'm not feeling doing a trap door in my car. Any one has pics of their trap door? If decide to do one it has to be able to seal off noise and the elements.

    I appreciate any input on this thread, thanks.

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    i have a racetronix ready to install myself...........thought about the trap door.....but then no.....cant bear the thought of a screw up

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    Mine got noisy at around 120,000. With a quarter tank or less it sounded like an airplane flying over. I too started using the Lucus, took a couple of tanks to make most of the sound go away. Swapped to MM oil and it seems to do better but have to add every third or fourth fill-up. Also am adding the twocycle oil Sarge likes to talk about. Two ounces per ten gallons of gas . Car now has 225,000 miles and still gets noisy now and then but like a Timex it keeps on ticken.......Still averging 23 mpg and can get 26 to 27 on long highway trips. I got the car at 85,000 and have not changed any sensors. Added plugs and wires at 195,000 and saw no real differance. Still crusies at 80mph and just under 2100 on the tach. Have not had half the problems most have had , though the window motors like to crap out.......What am I doing wrong??

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    yeah, my fuel pump has been doing the high pitch whine recently, off course a 3 hour drive at 100+ mph might do that lol my average spped was about 115 with 140 my top speed. too much traffic yesterday... oh im in germany so speeding isnt such a big deal on the autobahn
    but i think its time to start saving up for the racetronics fuel pump and hotwire kit. gotta do it anyway for my turbo setup but i might have to get this sooner theni thought.

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    Even after the new pump i wouldnt run it down to empty on a regular basis. The fuel still cools the pump no matter what pump is in there. I would also drop the tank but thats just me. When you drop the tank i would take a grinder and enlarge the opening that the fill neck goes through & then hit it with some spray paint. That will make it much easier to get the tank back in. When you lower the rear keep an eye on the brake line & make sure you dont stretch it too much.

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    I'm with Orion, dropping the tank isn't that bad. I've done a few of them. Easy with a lift but can be done on the floor too.

    Just unbolt the shocks to drop the rear (like Orion said, watch the brake line, or lines if you have 4 channel)

    The biggest hangup might be the exhaust system if it uses a smash clamp on the I-pipe. I remove the rear exhaust system in one piece (muffler and tailpipes) Once that's off I modify the I-pipe with a 3 bolt header flange so it simply bolts on and off. Makes the next tank drop a piece of cake.

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    At 280,000 now, still sounds like an airplane at times, but the Marvel Mystery oil helps lesson the sound and shes still going strong. I never fall to a quarter tank without filling. Got to keep gas in the tank.

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    Here's the link to the album with my trapdoor method performed in a '98 ... ... Hope it helps if you decide to do it.
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