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Fuel Problem or Severe Engine Problem

This is a discussion on Fuel Problem or Severe Engine Problem within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well I haven't been on here for ever and a day. Have been away and missing my baby (01 SS). ...

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    Unhappy Fuel Problem or Severe Engine Problem

    Well I haven't been on here for ever and a day. Have been away and missing my baby (01 SS). I get back and after driving her for about three days I went through the like 2 gallon of gas I stored her with and put in a fresh tank and was about a third of the way through that when the SES light came on and she started to get a funny idle.

    So I started to limp her home and the SES light started to flash at me about a block from my house. When the light started to flash I noticed the oil pressure gauge jumping around. So parked her in front of the garage and kinda started going down the list of possibles in my head.

    Pulled the fuel filter to check my fuel filter to check and see if maybe it was clogged. Nope but still replaced it.

    Checked my oil and it is still good and still full. Did an oil change right before I stored her. Don't see any leaking oil or anything along those lines.

    So my next idea was to drain the gas and see if maybe fresh gas will make her better. She only gets premo (even with the prices higher than the eyeballs on a giraffe). Well having no luck draining bout 2/3 of a tank. Tomorrow I am going to find a performance shop that will test fuel and see if the fuel is really bad before I chuck off of that liquid gold.

    Now I am no genius, but even bad fuel shouldn't make the oil pressure bounce.

    So now with all that info comes the questions.

    1. How to read the SES codes? Is there a way to do it without an expensive reader like on my old Lincoln?

    2. How to easily/ effectively drain 2/3 of a tank of fuel? I know about 10 mins on the autobahn with the throttle to the floor works most days, but any options for an immobile LS1.

    3. This one comes from being under my baby for the first time in a little over 4 months. What would cause oil to be splattered all around the rear differential and the torque arm?

    Well I appreciate any input that anyone can offer.

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    if you dont have your own scanning software, its gonna be hard to tell whats going on. have you looked at the spark plugs? If the oil is bouncing around, i wouldnt start it again. Its possible your oil pump may have gone out on ya. With that and the misfired though, its possible there may be some engine damage.

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    Just replaced the plugs about a month before I stored it. The oil pressure is what has me especially stumped and concerned.

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    Any updates on this?? my moms car does this also... At idle, jumps around ALOT, under 40psi and back

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