So i have a 96' 383 lt1 with a pair of heads and ill list my valve spring specs below, but my question is....i know the flow of the cam has to match up with the cam is that all that they have in common between the heads-cam friendship ???? Heres the valve spring specs, anyone know of a cam that will match up with these(they physically fit my heads)..

Part # 983-16
Roller Hydraulic Valve Springs, Comp Cams 983-16 Comp Cams 1.250 Ovate Wire Springs, Valve Springs, Single, 1.250 In. Outside Diameter, 410 Lbs./In. Rate, 1.150 In. Coil Bind Height, Set Of 16 1.250 Ovate Wire Springs, Roller Hydraulic 1.700 In. 105 Lbs. 1.200 In. 310 Lbs.