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Fog Lamps & Head Lights

This is a discussion on Fog Lamps & Head Lights within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Went to Autozone to get bulbs & lenses for my fog lights (94 Z28), the old ones were cracked and ...

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    Fog Lamps & Head Lights

    Went to Autozone to get bulbs & lenses for my fog lights (94 Z28), the old ones were cracked and broken. Also had to pick up one new (low beam) headlight as well. I wasnt aware that you had to basically buy a whole new headlight, with a new lense and everything. Is there no way to get around that? Cost me $25. was hoping to pay a lot less...I was able to get individual bulbs for the fog lights at least but I still need new lenses for them. They could only be gotten if I ordered them and they were like $45/piece....any cheaper route around that as well?

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    Yepp your headlights are sealed and thats just the way it is. As far as the fog lights, there are bulbs but if the housing is damaged you will have too purchase new houseings. I paid like 60 bucks for a set for my 97 z. Just call around and shop around and check out junk yards for the cheapest ones, but keep in mind if you go used chances of finding two of them are slim and tryin too find two in good condition is near impossible.
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    I was trying to find a phone number for and couldnt find you know what it is offhand?

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    Damn, I looked up foglights for my 94Z and they were priced at about $100 a piece, and that was at several places I looked. Where did you look to get your foglights? I checked autozone, advanced auto parts, and a few OE and aftermarket places on the the web.

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    It was autozone. The guy said it would $47and some change since it was a special order part. Somehow I doubt it wa OEM spec though.

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    All I really need is the glass lens over one of the fog lights...that's it. Are they that hard to find?

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