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Firebird V6 blown head gasket?

This is a discussion on Firebird V6 blown head gasket? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 96 v6 firebird 130k, I had a new radiator put in because the old one was leaking, after a couple ...

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    Firebird V6 blown head gasket?

    96 v6 firebird 130k, I had a new radiator put in because the old one was leaking, after a couple weeks was driving and noticed car smoking and overheating, started making weird noise. Take it back to the shop that put radiator in and they are saying head gasket blew and caused the new radiator to leak, never heard of that?

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    I've never heard of a blown head gasket causing a radiator to leak. What caused the head gasket to blow then? Not that they can't, but doing it just after having your radiator replaced seems a little suspect to me. You trust this shop? Maybe take it to another shop and see what they say. See if it really is a new radiator and they didn't just fix up your old one.
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    A blown head gasket caused a radiator leak? Anyone got an explantation for this?

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    Lol wow, there idiots... I would first inspect and see if they even replaced the Radiator. If they didnt and you ran out of coolant causing the car to over heat inturn causing your head to warp or your gasket to split is on them.
    Also ask and check to see what type of coolant they put in the car. Dex cool or Green stuff.
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    If you deside to fix this yourself.. You will need gasket set #HS 9917 PT-2.. This kit contains everthing you'll need to repair your issue AFTER having the heads decked.. $240 and change
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