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Fan problems

This is a discussion on Fan problems within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; so when i test drive my car i test the ac and it blows cold i turn the heat blows ...

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    Fan problems

    so when i test drive my car i test the ac and it blows cold i turn the heat blows hot. this is new mexico so on my way back home we stay the night in texas and we leave at about 6 in the morning and its cold out. so i go and turn the heat on and nothing... the fan dose not turn on so we freeze our asses off. stop in iowa and freeze our asses off again. then im drivin around in my town in wisconsin and i freeze my ass off any one know what the problem could be? where the fan for the ac and heat is located and how hard to change. im going to cheak the relays when my other car gets home so i can drive somethin.
    thanks for help

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    The blower motor is on the passenger side inside the car under the glove compartment area. It has a wire connector you can unplug to check and see if it's getting voltage first. Removing it is easy, just three bolts and the motor/cage fan just pulls out.

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    Does it work on the highest fan setting? If it does there is a resister pack that governs the slower speeds and they are shot. If not check fuses and relays. If they are good most likely the fan is shot.

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