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F@@ing blinkers dont work now

This is a discussion on F@@ing blinkers dont work now within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok i will try and start from the beging. the pass side front day time runnin light/blinker went out. So ...

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    F@@ing blinkers dont work now

    ok i will try and start from the beging. the pass side front day time runnin light/blinker went out. So i changed the bulb work good for a while then went out again. I know the socket is pretty shitty i know i need to replace that. so i gave it a little tap it started working again. so now i park the car some out this moring and it wont start. so i notice the odo is out so i check the fuse and replace it now it starts. now all day no problem then on the way home tonight no blikers. Now there are no running light working but if u turn on the head lights they come on. but not when the parking lights are off. if u have the parking lights on and they are lit up and u use the blinker manually they dont blink. then i bang the gove box shut and the driver side starts to work but not the pass. when u look at the car with the lights on the driver side runnin light is brigher. Now the ? is what wrong if i replace the socket will ever thing get fixed or it a bigger problem.

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    I would call the nearest church and get a exorcist. No but really, make sure your battery terminals are clean and connected tightly.
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    Hey man--i know exactly what you're going through! Kinda nice to finally be able to contribute around here rather than ask a bunch of dumb questions! I just finished fixing that exact problem today. I'll bet if you take a close look at the front of your blinker lenses you will find that they are cracked vertically and are leaking water. That is why your sockets are 'crappy' or corroded. I bought 2 new turn signal assemblies (the plastic boxes with the lense on the front), and two new sockets for under $100 at ABC auto parts. very straight forward to replace--can get them from underneath. If you have any questions about replacing them, just let me know. the reason they work sometimes and not others is because each of those bulbs has two filaments in it, so sometimes one of the filaments is able to make contact and work and not the other. both light up to make the light brighter; like when you turn your signal on with your lights on.

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