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Exhaust Leak from LM

This is a discussion on Exhaust Leak from LM within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I thought I remembered reading on this site that it was normal for the LM1, when mated to stock manifolds, ...

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    Exhaust Leak from LM

    I thought I remembered reading on this site that it was normal for the LM1, when mated to stock manifolds, to pop back through the exhaust. Is this true? I have what I feel to be an exhaust leak. When I rev the motor with the clutch in, and it goes back to idle, I get the pop out of the exhaust. Sometimes in between gears I get the popping to, as well as when I make a run, and then engine break it. The only thing is I can't hear the "tick tick" of an exhaust leak anywhere. Any suggestions? Also, for some reason when I get to aroud 80mph at WOT, it sounds like the motor is hitting the rev limiter, but it's only at about 4500rpm, but I get a 'miss' or something (hard to hear over the exhaust). Any clues on what that may be?

    THanks a lot,

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    The Loudmouth exhaust is just that...loud. It pops and crackles a lot, there isn't even a real muffler on it. I believe the right side exhaust pipe doesn't even have a muffler or resonator on it, its just srtaight througt.

    Doesn't sound like an exhaust leak to me, exhaust leaks will make a "put-put-put" sound or a ticking sound, not crackling. Sounds normal for a Loudmouth system.

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    yepp its just a resonator so its gonna be loud and crackle and pop a bit. As far as a leak just look around you connections with the car running and try and feel for some leaks, if you find them then purchase some 3 in band clamps and the problem should be solved
    Be careful bc the exhaust will be hot with the car running.
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    yep....sounds like just some backpressure pop. no biggie. mine does that from time to time. and the ticking when WOT at around 4500 rpm. try changing your plugs and wires. May be a spark knocking.
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