I want to remind everyone that brake fluid should be changed every 1-2 years(DOT 3 & 4) 6 months(DOT 5) 3 years(DOT 5.1)

Your brake fluid should be clear and changed so it wont eat up the seals. If you look at your brake fluid and its a nice dark color it is because your seals are disintegrated. Not everyone is familiar with brake fluids so i'm going to get this clear.

Dry boiling point/ Wet boiling point

DOT 3 401 284 F
DOT 4 446 F 311 F
DOT 5 500 F 356 F(Warning DOT 5 is silicone based and doesn't absorb moisture)(not recommended)
DOT 5.1 518 F 374 F

Brake Fluids are hygroscopic based and absorb moisture.
Brake Fluid will ruin your paint very quickly please be-careful and don't ruin your beautiful car.
IF BRAKE FLUID GETS ON YOUR CAR... DO NOT! wipe it down pour water on it until its completely off and don't run your finger across the paint for some time.

There are better fluids then 5.1 with higher boiling rates. They are still considered 5.1 but exceed the boiling points
In Example: Super Blue Racing Fluids 5.1 and more.(good luck finding some of that)

There is a special order to bleed your brakes so please don't try guessing.

If your brake pedal is sinking to the ground its because your master slaves secondary seal in the primary piston gave out.

Ask your brake questions away before something really breaks. ThankYou