I own a 1986 Monte Carlo ss with a carburated 305. I have headers, 2.5" corvette cat, and a 2.25" dynomax catback. There isnt much more i can do to the motor that is worth it, and my gas mileage is horriable(Average 14 city). I was looking at full injection systems(Holley Stealth Ram) but that will cost me over 2 grand easily.

I am considering swapping a LQ4(Iron LS1 From a Truck) and a t56 into my car, But i have a few questions.

- What do i need besides a Engine and trans?
- I know i cant use my old headers but can i use the rest of my exuast atleast in the begining to save money?
- Will my stock 7.65" Posi Rear with 275 tires beable to handle the power?
- Estimated how much will it cost to do the swap?
- What kind of gas mileage should i expect?
- Is the LQ4 a good Base for building a Twin Turbo setup later down the road?

I may only be 17 but i am up for the challenge, I am taking Auto Tech though my highschool/tech center and might beable to do some of the work there in the shop. I just need to find a new job, Lost my old one.