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engine noise on radio

This is a discussion on engine noise on radio within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; the battery is dead on my 02 ss (the car has 8007 miles). i jumped it off and i'm getting ...

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    engine noise on radio

    the battery is dead on my 02 ss (the car has 8007 miles). i jumped it off and i'm getting engine interference over the radio. seems to me i remember an old z71 truck of mine doing that and it was the altenator. i cleaned the terminals on the battery they were not too bad. also the battery will not take a charge from my battery charger. could the side mounted battery end be corroded were i cant see? like internaly. will a bad battery also do the radio noise thing. i live 20 miles from the chain auto stores that test for free so any help will be appreciated.

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    Take the battery to a parts store and have it's free. Typically on all the batteries I've dealt with if they won't take a charge from a charger they're shot. I will cut back a little bit of insulation on cables sometimes to see if the corrosion runs back under the insulator. I tape it back up when I'm done. Probably stuff you already knew but sometimes the little things is what gets you.

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    id say its the alernator, or your ground wire for the radio has some corrosion.. maybe a bad battery as well... Try running a new ground for your radio by itself, rather than the ground for the harness.

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