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engine noise

This is a discussion on engine noise within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I had a sort of ticking noise. I was told it was lifters changed lifters and pushrods and i still ...

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    engine noise

    I had a sort of ticking noise. I was told it was lifters changed lifters and pushrods and i still have the same noise. U can only hear noise above 2500 rpm. Car has 47000 miles. I was told now it could be a rod bearing. is this common?

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    getting rid of the ls1 tick

    That thread should help.

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    Well there are quite a few different sounds an engine can make. But all are noticeably different. At 47,000 I highly doubt you have a rod knock. A rod knock usually will make a solid rattling sound when you rev the engine, snap the throttle to about 3,000 rpm and snap it shut, and just at the point where the engine changes from accelerating to decelerating, the rod will rattle. Unless it's really bad then it will do it all the time and it will be a solid loud knock. What you likely have though is piston slap, LS1s and 6.0 liters tend to develop this. It is where the piston to wall clearance is too great, usually only when the engine is cold, and the piston kind of chatters down the cylinder rather than sliding. You can try a higher octane fuel which sometimes helps. But what I do with mine is just warm it up before I drive it. Piston slap is more of an annoyance than a problem.

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    I would not take the advice of whoever told you it was lifters on any further issues.

    First tell us a bit abot the car - mods, etc. Then, when did the noise start? Does it happen hot, cold, both? Does it happen on acceleration, deceleration, both?

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