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EGR water, why is this happening

This is a discussion on EGR water, why is this happening within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I did the whole cleaning the intake with seafoam and noticed a little improvement in the way the car ran. ...

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    EGR water, why is this happening

    I did the whole cleaning the intake with seafoam and noticed a little improvement in the way the car ran. So I decided to try to keep it clean by adding a catch can in between the valve covers and the pcv, just wanted to see what I might catch. This is when I noticed something very weird. Now this only happens when its cold outside. The catch can actually started taking on water as the car idled. It wasn't pouring in, but after about 5-6 minutes it would just condensate and eventually there would be maybe 4-5 tablespoons of water and a little oil. Not much but just enough to turn the mixture milky. When I first saw this I started to panic, however there where no signs of problems from the crank case, and the oil looked normal. I emptied the mixture, cleaned it reinstalled it and took the car for a drive. After driving the car for about 10 minutes I stopped to check it. Same thing, now there was a lot less water this time maybe a tablespoon. I cleaned it and drove the car again and the problem stopped. Now this is not a daily driver. She sits in the garage and I usually only drive it on the weekends if the roads are clear. But if it happens to be a cold day this process starts all over again.
    So my question is, can this be normal? The car never showed any signs of problems before nor does it now. It just seems weird to me that this much water would be entering the engine. Im just concerend that this could have hydrolocked the engine had I not caught it.
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    Mine does the same thing. It's just condensation burning off in the crank case.

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    ^^ Condensation. It's normal....

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    same here too......

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    mine too, just condensation

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    that's why you shouldn't run a car just for a few minutes and shut it back off before it gets up to temp and burns all that water off. Both of my ls1's make a ton of condensation.....they basically piss out the tail pipes until they get good and hot.

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    yup, just water condensing from the hot air from crankcase

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