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Drove in rainstorm today and now car is acting up!

This is a discussion on Drove in rainstorm today and now car is acting up! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was on my break from work heading home in a heavy rainstorm because my parents had cooked dinner for ...

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    Drove in rainstorm today and now car is acting up!

    I was on my break from work heading home in a heavy rainstorm because my parents had cooked dinner for me and half way home (probably about 2 miles from work) car started acting up RPMS dropped to 800ish and shifter was vibrating bad on top of that my SES light was flashing on and off. I pulled over on the side of the road and shut the car off. I let it sit for ten minutes and started her up again and she was normal until I traveled another half mile home and it started to lose power again once i reached the entrance to my community. I shut it off again and turned it back on again to make it home and it was fine until i was a block away from home. I just stuck it in the garage.

    I sat down at home and had dinner with the family probably around 30 minutes and then my dad started the car again, it idled fine. He drove it around the block once and it was perfect and then he went around the block a second time and halfway around it was doing the same thing.

    I went back to work in my dads car and when I got home 5 hours later, I removed the air filter and swapped in my brothers K&N. I drove it around the block and it was perfect, I decided to go around a second time just to make sure it didnt act up again and sure enough it did. So what do I do now?

    What am I looking at here? I didnt go through any puddles or anything while I was driving so I dont think I sucked up water. I have no idea what this could be. Has this happened to anyone before??? Sorry for the long post.

    SUMMARY: I drove in rainstorm-didnt go through any puddles-car lost power rpms dropped to 800-SES flashed on and off, pulled over- let it sit 10 min- started ag

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    multiple miss fires, hence the flashing SES light. My suggestion would be to check the seating of all the plug wire and give each plug boot a bit dielectric grease just in case.

    Check the seating of any sensors that might have gotten wet.

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    this is comming out of left field okay... but: maybe you got some water on the intake and MAFLO sensor. more than likley the cause for misfiring.

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    Just take a water bottle on a dry day and mist your plug wires. If it starts to miss than you will know.

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