Here's an odd question...

This is on a '00 TransAm WS/6.

For the last few years, I've noticed a little rattle in my window when it's part way down. I assumed it was one of the wheels on the track had broken, but I ignored it since it still worked fine.

A couple weeks ago when I was putting the window up, it jammed about 3/4 of the way up, with the window too far forward. For several days, I slid it back by hand as I was putting it up, so it would actually close.

When I took the door apart, I found the cause. There's a vertical channel towards the rear of the door. In the metal riveted to the bottom of the window, there's a stud. Well, there was a stud. I found it inside the door at the bottom. That stud is suppose to sit in a plastic bushing in the channel, which guides the window up, so it will be in the proper position (front to back) as it goes up.

I don't know what part that comes with. I looked around online, and found the exploded parts diagram, but it doesn't indicate which part that stud comes with.

On, the channel is:
Door --> Glass and hardware --> Rear guide --> Channel --> Channel Back

That part is $73.18 MSRP.

The metal riveted to the bottom of the door is:
Door --> Glass and hardware --> Sash channel --> Outer --> Outer Left

That part is $52.70 MSRP.

I replaced the broken stud with a bolt, that I ground down to approximately the same shape as the original piece. It moves up and down fine, but when it reaches the bottom, it pops out hard. Since there's actually a piece there now, when I put the window up, it gets stuck on the channel itself, so I have to leave the window open about 4". I could take the bolt out, and try to survive moving the window by hand, but I look stupid, and it's peeling the window tint in the front. I'm really worried that I'll end up breaking the glass eventually.

I'm in Florida, and we're coming into rainy season, so even 1" is too much unless I want to take a swim when I open the door.

It appears that the original piece rides inside the bushing, inside the channel. I don't see how the hell they did it though, I don't see enough room, unless that bushing is worn too. It looks ok.

The metal on the bottom of the window is slightly cracked and distorted where the stud pulled out. I don't see just that stud available anywhere. I assume it was pressed in at the factory??

Has anyone else run into this? Is there a cheap way to fix it? I don't want to have to go to a glass shop and fix it, nor to the dealer. Money is extremely tight, I can barely afford to buy a part, much less pay for labor for someone else to do it.

For the last couple weeks, I've been forced to drive my wife's Honda CR-V. It's embarrassing, and a bit dangerous. Hell, when I pull onto a highway, it takes so long to get up to highway speeds, I'm always in the way. I miss driving my WS/6, and it's a waste of a very nice car, to leave sitting in the driveway. And, for whatever crazy reason, the WS/6 actually gets better gas mileage than the Honda CR-V. Maybe because I can idle in 6th gear, where her's is spinning away at 2K+ rpm just trying to keep up at the same speed.