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Descreen the MAF

This is a discussion on Descreen the MAF within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Sarge WTF? Are you bi-polar? Use of the thesaurus? I'll match my three pieces of paper with ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
    WTF? Are you bi-polar? Use of the thesaurus? I'll match my three pieces of paper with anybody in the education department there slick. But more importantly I'll go toe to toe with any wrench/tuner out there..and have earned it in the real world. Relax? No. People who don't know any better read these post. They deserve an accurate answer.
    Either leave your MAF screen alone or go with an SD tune.
    He's right a lot of people on here are asking as a daily driver the risk compared to the gain no worth it. I'll admit only once did I pull something off the maf but that screen saved my car if your just using it as a track car thats fine but doing it without a tune and on a daily driver is a dumb idea. Yeah I know there's probably going to be a lot of people are going to say I've had mine off for years but all it takes is that one time is the gain really worth the risk No. So people unless your going to tune it and are mainly using it as a track car be smart leave the screen on not worth it.

    Lastly trying to get some traction on this don't mean to switch topic up but if you have a moment check this out

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    Quote Originally Posted by GatorSS View Post
    Straighten the air? No, No, NO! Man, that's like a governor on these cars, but now I know the truth! Straight is no good! But SWIRLING air is bad @$$ to the max! That's why tornadoes are so powerful, it's the swirling air! I did not know this secret until I met this super smart race car builder and driver (he's also a rocket scientist) who showed me the secret and the proof! After listening to him, I knew he was right about everything.

    He sold me this awesome invention he calls the Tornado, because it's so powerful! He said it puts the secret power of the tornado right under my hood. And like he told me, it is well worth the $595 (after the discount) I paid for it.

    Like you, I was skeptical at first, because of the straight air theory and all. Even after his demonstration almost completely convinced me of the secret power, I still had a little skepticism. But he told me I needed it, so I bought it.

    Then I couldn't believe it myself after his racing shop installed the Tornado, because, well.... Let's just say I almost felt I was tricked. I waffled back and forth in my mind about it. One one hand, I thought my car was more powerful, since he said it even sounded more powerful. But on the other hand, it didn't feel any different. I was a moderate, not knowing what to think. I felt hopeless, but had hope at the same time, depending on the weather and time of day, and some other things. I couldn't take it. I wanted change, the kind of change wherein I can hope and have hope and believe.

    The next day I saw the Master of Change for Hope, the inventor of the secret & powerful Tornado. He said he knew how to make it all better, because.... well because he knew how, that's how!

    So I didn't have to worry! He was right!

    And he found the problem immediately. He told me I had to let my engine warm up first before using the secret power of the Tornado. Something about warmer air swirling better, or something, but I knew it was about swirling air, because straight air is just wrong; it has no power, it has never fed a hungry child, and it's never given even one of the 100s of millions of sick children the free and unlimited health care that everyone deserves. If straight air is so powerful, why don't hurricanes use it? They use swirling air!
    taht was hilarious

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    Sarge FTW!!!

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