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dead battery

This is a discussion on dead battery within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i have an 02 ss if i dont start the car at least every 5 or so days the battery ...

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    Question dead battery

    i have an 02 ss if i dont start the car at least every 5 or so days the battery goes dead. Is this common for these cars? Should i disconnect battery every time i park it? Or find out whats causing a draw on the battery with the car turned off? It has an optima red top battery in it that it came with when i bought the car about 2 years ago.

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    It's easy to do a draw test... using either an amp gauge or test light, disconnect your positive battery cable. With the engine off, hook the gauge or test light between the cable and the battery post and you will see your draw. You can then pull fuses for the various vehicle systems to see the impact on your draw. If pulling a fuse for the charging system results in a dramatic drop in amps (if using a test light it will dim), then you probably have found the reason for your dead battery -- assuming it is not just an old battery that has grown weak over time. You will then need to further inspect that system to find the exact issue.

    Note that aftermarket components, such as stereo equipment, alarms and such, are often the culprits.

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    When you try to crank it does any of the interior lights come on? If they do and the engine still won't turn over it could be your starter. I had that happen on my Firebird a few years back and I got a new one. Also, on the battery cables take off the rubber boot and make sure the wires aren't corroded like mine were. I would spray some corrosion lubricant on the cables to make sure it doesn't happen. Hope this helps.

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    First thing you should know is, Optima has gone to crap in the past decade or so, the quality has dropped sigificantly. I have a freind who has worked an autoparts store for along time and told he has seen the return of more Optima batteries recently than ever before. They used to be untouchable, now I would waste my money.

    I would take the battery to an autoparts store and have it tested, this is pretty cheap and easy to do. B/C your battery could be one it's way out, b/c it doesn't hold a charge for long anymore.

    Then I would take the suggestion from pajeff and transamgirl.

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    I had an optima for my old Cobra and I was in the same boat. I drove the car once or twice a month(I had the Camaro and the Subaru at the same time). I checked for a draw and it was good, so I replaced it with a different brand and didn't have any trouble. I would first check to see if there are any draws though.

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    I had Optima red top also, it took a $h!t a year later after I bought it.

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    Thanks for all the info. The car had the optima battery in it when i bought it. Never knew they were junk. I checked for a current draw and there was none. Time for a good battery!

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    I have a Red Top in my TA and maybe take it out once or twice a month and no batt issues at all. Only problem I had was with the ASP pulleys and the stock alt. weren't charging the batt. good enough but with the new 230amp replacement no more issues.
    The duralast I had in my 5.0 and TA would both die on me after a couple weeks. I actually like interstate or Bosch from recent buys with my 5.0 LX and Trailblazer I have one in each and no problems at all.
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