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Crazy LS Horsepower

This is a discussion on Crazy LS Horsepower within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I've recently been thinking a lot about a head/cam package for my LS1 F-body but I've been struck by the ...

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    Crazy LS Horsepower

    I've recently been thinking a lot about a head/cam package for my LS1 F-body but I've been struck by the sudden realization that enough might never be enough. My appetite for HP has come a LONG way in a very short time, which has me thinking....What Next!

    I don't know if a general "how to" for big HP has been done on this site before, but I guess that is something similar to what this post might one day get condensed into, if some of our more experienced users choose to bless us with thier knowledge.

    I'm going to try to start a discussion off with headings, and hope someone can fill in the pros/cons and possibly rough costs and approximate attainable HP limits of each, and best supporting mods (I use HP for short, but of course TQ matters, so don't grill me on total engine output)

    1) Head and Cam LS1:
    Pro - Tried & True, relatively safe & reliable, can be done with minimal supporting mods compared to forced Induction
    Con - Limited HP
    Cost Range - excluding supporting mods, approx $2500 parts, $1200 labor +/- 20%
    Results - approx. 450RWHP +/- 10%
    Best Supporting Mods - All things intake/exhaust related, such as ported TB, FTRA (or alternate) intake, long tube headers, high flow cat-back (cat to stay legal) and a torque converter upgrade is advisable; or at least a nice complement.

    2) SuperChargers
    Cost Range Procharger Kits - $6400 +-10%
    Results 440RWHP is near Minimum!
    Best Supporting Mods

    3) Turbo
    Cost Range STS remote turbo ktis - $5500 +- 10%
    Results about 410hp 450tq for a conservative set up. 500hp, 540tq is also sold as a commonly available kit.
    Best Supporting Mods

    4) Nitrus
    Cost Range
    Best Supporting Mods

    5) More Displacement - Bore/stroke or Swapping in an LSX, LS7 etc.
    Cost Range
    Best Supporting Mods

    If this post takes off, I'll edit this section out, but one question I have is: can nitrus be combined with the first 3 headings? for example can you run a good head/cam package and still incorporate a shot of spray for track days.
    And of course, as I continue to research all things LS I will try to fill in some of these blank sections, but if you can help please do.
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