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Coolant pooled in intake

This is a discussion on Coolant pooled in intake within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have an 04 CTS-V, built with headers lingenfelter intake and cam. It is my daily driver with 105k miles ...

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    Coolant pooled in intake

    I have an 04 CTS-V, built with headers lingenfelter intake and cam. It is my daily driver with 105k miles now mostly highway but lotza time at road america. I was driving it on business parked it at my hotel overnight. It was running fine. I just took off the snow tires so it has been babies for 4 months. when I started it in the morning, it ran rougher than typical with the cam. But, when I got it on the road, it bogged and ran like it was misfiring. The CEL came on and was flashing. I made it to my meeting and thinking it was a bad coil pack or something made the decision to drive it home and fix it vs taking it to a local dealer. (FYI I was in the middle of nowhere Illinois) I drove it easy and almost made it home. However, it just "let go" on the interstate. It lost power and had a " jingling" sound. I thought I broke a timing chain as maybe the problem was chain that jumped a link or something. So I started doing some investigation todAy. Test #1 was fuel pressure. It was fine. Test #2 check the MAF for corrosion on the connectors and or oil and dirt on the sensor. When I took off the cold air intake, antifreeze was pooled in it. Looking at the throttle body, there was coolant oozing out.

    OK, there is no coolant anywhere near the intake. I am asking yous guys if there are any simple explanations? I am going to start tearing it apart this weekend so thoughts would be appreciated. My guess is a head gasket or cracked head? The oil is exactly where it was when I changed it last week. The coolant resy is down a pint or son. It was towed which tiled the car towards the rear so maybe coolant leaked into it at that point. In any case, this is weird one.

    I'm preparing for some major sugery!

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    coolant coming in from the tube at the bottom of the TB?

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