I don't understand it, some fellas want for shipping a hundred, but my brother persuaded some corvette shop to send him pretty heavy and massive package just for twenty bucks...I don't care if they ship it by boat, I don't care if it comes in a month, I don't want to pay more for shipping then for the item itself. For example, the rockauto is just silly(I added the first alt. listed to the cart):

for their defense, it arrives in four, five days tops...

To be honest, I'm not yet decided wether to go with a whole new alternator(stock or worse) or to search just for the rectifier....

though for me what comes out is what goes in parts wise.
^that is true

If anyone knew where to find what I'm looking for or had that and was willing to ship it overseas, I'd appreciate a helping hand here.

Thanks for comments!