Hey guys, i'm havin some compressor problems and i was wondering if ya'll could shed some light on this...

I have a '94 Firebird Formula, 350 LT1 and all the sudden today i stop getting cold air. I've checked all fuses, and their good. The static pressure levels on the high and low sides when the car is off. Freon is in good shape. Now the real screwy part is i plugged in my OBD I scanner in to see if it would flash any codes, for one thing no codes flashed, the light never came on at all. However when the scanner was plugged in and the key on start, the compressor would come on, so i tried to start it up with the scanner in, and immediately the compressor turned off. For some reason the PCM or something is telling the compressor to turn off whenever the car is started. I'm not sure what to touch, whether to replace the compressor or look at getting a new PCM. The electronics have been screwy in this car since day one. I went to a dealer mechanic buddy for a free look at it, he plugged in his OBD I scanner, not just a code flasher, and he got no readings, he couldn't clear codes or change any settings what so ever.

Any idea what might be causing my electronic/compressor struggles?
i'm hopin someone has had experiance with this system and can lend any thoughts.

Thanks alot guys.