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Child seat anchors in '98 Firebird?

This is a discussion on Child seat anchors in '98 Firebird? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello again, Does anyone have any experience with fitting child seats into the back of a firebird? GM sells a ...

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    Child seat anchors in '98 Firebird?

    Hello again,

    Does anyone have any experience with fitting child seats into the back of a firebird? GM sells a $70 "kit" that is nothing more than a bolt and a piece of stamped steel with a hole in it for a rear deck strap anchor, but I was wondering if anyone knows about any other items that might help securing child car seats into the back.

    I don't want to sell a perfectly good trans-am over child seat securing problems, but GM doesn't seem to have much in the way of retro-fit kits to make it easier to secure child seats.

    Thanks in advance...

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    i just use the seatbelt straps in my camaro (and my camry for that matter). between the seatbelt and the bucket shape of the seats, they actually are held pretty firmly in place.

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    yup, back when we just had the boy I'd load him up in it all the time and go cruising. Do you have that little buckle deal that the seat belt slips through so it stays tight? Just adjust that until the belt is good and tight through the base and you'll be good to go. There's no way in hell to ride anyone in the front seat though if your still using a backwards facing seat. Once you're able to turn the seat around though a small person can ride in the front.

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    Yeah I just secured it with the seat belt like the others did, never had any problems.
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    i was curious too. I read that GM offered it on the 98s and 99s under warranty, bummer for me since i'm out. They gave a huge warning about not hitting the gas tank. Knowing the gas tank is under neither where you need to drill is what has kept me from doing it.

    I would say grade 8 bolts and washers from Home Depot, Lowes, Auto store or hardware store. You figure a good size disc washer (two would be good, nut side, hook side), a 15mm hex head bolt or 17 if you want something big and beefy, about what inch and 1/2 or 1 3/4 long. then all you need is a metal hook.

    I'm trying to remember where i got a kit from a while back. I had to add one to my wife's 99 Concord. I don't think the bolt was anything bigger than a 15 mm hex head. The kit may have even come from the car seat manufacture, but i can tell you i didn't spend 70 bucks let alone more than 30 bucks for it.

    I think it came with two washers, bolt, nylon locking tread style nut, and the strap hook.

    good luck. if i recall a discussion i once heard before about safety restraints its all in the load / force displacement over and area. Thats were the washers come in and the fact the force is not a bolt snapping searing force. I'm not very good at explaining it, but there is a reason your belts are held in by a bolt and washer, you don't need anything real fancy.

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