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check engine soon light

This is a discussion on check engine soon light within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Due to my exhaust not haveing any cats and the custom tune, every once in a while i will throw ...

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    check engine soon light

    Due to my exhaust not haveing any cats and the custom tune, every once in a while i will throw a check engine light for failures in the front o2 sensors, even though they are not functioning. I have been looking at buying a code reader of some sort for a while. What is a good kind of code reader to buy? I would like to buy one that has the ability to erase codes, but i do not want it to reset my entire computer so that i lose my custom tune i have.

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    Resetting a SES light won't reset the PCM. Autozone, etc. will read codes free - but if you want something to read/reset codes yourself for cheap, harbor freight sells a ODDII reader. You don't want any failures/codes for the front 02's. Last time I checked they were on sale for $39.

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    You said your throwing codes in the front 02's "even thou there not functioning"? Your front 02's should be but your rears were eliminated. Did you tune out the codes or do you have sims?
    Dont know if this helps but i ran into the same issue and hooked my car up too a " diag machine" that read real time and my front 02's were reading lazy so i replaced and so far so good...
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