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check engine light

This is a discussion on check engine light within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello my 2000 ram air is showing t/c p1416 code port air circuit malfunction. Can someone tell me what that ...

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    check engine light

    Hello my 2000 ram air is showing t/c p1416 code port air circuit malfunction. Can someone tell me what that is Thanks.

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    the pass side air check valve is bad,replace it.i would replace both sides,the other side will be bad soon too.

    if you look carefully at the exhaust manifolds you will see a tube on each side with a rubber hose attached to them.The hose attaches to the check valve and the valves are screwed onto the tubes.

    the valves are about 10 each at autozone.I would remove the tubes from the manifolds because they can be very hard to screw off.I take the tubes off and put the part with valve screwed onto it into a vise(be sure not to squeeze the tubes)only the ends.Then take a large wrench and turn them off.I always use anitsieze on the threads so next time you won't need to pull the tubes.ALSO be sure to check the tubes for built up carbon or oil residue.I had one tube that was completely blocked from carbon throwing that code.Normally the valves just get so full of carbon they get stuck.Also while you have the hoses off use a vacuum to clean them out.Any dirt or garbage in the system will clog the valves and cause a code.

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    Yup, GM PN is 12565503 - but available cheaper at your local parts store.

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    The ones from the dealer are more expensive but will fit like the old ones. I bought mine at a auto parts store and the nipple on the check avle is a little too small for the hose. Not a big deal but they just don't fit the same....a couple worm clamps solved the fitting issue if you go that route.

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    don't forget unless you clear the codes its going to take a few full cycles to turn the light off.To clear the codes read below.

    Turn key on, don't start car
    Pull PCM BATT and PCM IGN fuses in engine compartment
    Wait 5-10 min
    Turn ignition off
    Replace fuses

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