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Car wont start! pls help

This is a discussion on Car wont start! pls help within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i have a 2k z28. it was driving all fine and dandy until i parked it. when i returned, i ...

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    Car wont start! pls help

    i have a 2k z28. it was driving all fine and dandy until i parked it. when i returned, i put the key into the ignition, all electrical started working. once i tried to start the engine, i heard a click and everything in the car died including the power. pull the key out and re-inserted into the ignition. no power, nada. opened my hood, moved the battery, tried pushing in the electrical wirings and made sure it was all snugged and stuff. went back to the car, reinserted the key into the ignition and the power worked. cranked it, heard the same click and everything died.

    repeated the entire process twice, then somehow got the engine started. anyone knows what the problem maybe ? i havent driven the z28 in so long, about 2 years. battery was dead for a while until i jumpstarted and recharged it again. could it be the battery ? not sure cause the power worked just until i started to crank the engine. thanks for your help.

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    start with a new battery. then work from there

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    I agree with above get your battery tested or test with a multi-meter. Sounds like your battery has taken a poo on you. Check your connections on ur battery and tug on the starter wires too make sure there snug and good to go.
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    Starter could be going. More than likely that "click" you heard was the starter "pull in" windings pulling the starter pinion . Test volatge at solenoid. The first action of the solenoid is mechanical, pulling the drive pinion into mesh with flywheel. Second job is to act as a relay switch to energize motor once the D. pinion is engaged. Once contact points are closed, full battery current flows to starter motor.There are other causes also with a starter. If the battery renewal doesnt help i will write some tests you can do to trace a starter pooin on you. lol.

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    Either a loose connection or starter. There was an older couple in a Wal-Mart parking lot a couple of years ago that were having the same problem in a van. I stopped to help and when he would turn the key it would click. I took his tire iron and knocked the shit outta the starter and it fired right up. That was just a sticking solenoid I guess.

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    i had the same thing happen to me in my 89 turbo ta,and it turned out to be the ignition,where the chip in the key meets ,whatever it meets inside the ignition was bad,and the car to this day only has 30 k on it . not saying for sure thats what it is ,just giving you some ideas!

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    check the battery terminals for corrosion. if not the battery is fried

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    same thing happened to me and it was just loose connections on the battery terminals

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    If there is corrosion, the coke trick works prettty good for the short term to get it started.

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