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Car Not Starting All The Time...

This is a discussion on Car Not Starting All The Time... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok, so here's my problem...My T/A won't start, it's turning over, but it's not starting (as if it's not getting ...

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    Car Not Starting All The Time...

    Ok, so here's my problem...My T/A won't start, it's turning over, but it's not starting (as if it's not getting fuel). But that's where my dilema comes in, I don't hear the fuel pump whineing (typical indication that it's going out), when I finally do get it started it runs perfectly. I get it started by leaving the ignition on, but not cranking it. Another thing I noticed is that the car is shaking violently when it's cranking, which leads me to think it's the starter, but I don't know.

    This doesn't happen all the time, it's not tempertaure related (it was almost 60 outside today) and it's always dry when i drive my car (so it's not the moisture).

    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, I have another car to drive, but the ladies don't go for the Mazda 3 as much as they do the WS6

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    This happened to me in my camaro. i spent like 450 replacing everything and trying to find out wtf it was and in the end it was my key. it was screwed up and had a chip in it or some crap like that

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    if it was the key, i don'y think it even turn over. Could be fuel deviry issue, cheapest thing to change would be the fuel filter. From there the next suspect would be the pump, but right now that seems unlikely.

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    check fuel pressure at the rail the next time it does it.......should be ~58psi. You could also try turning the key to the on position ( but not cranking the car) and back off again 2-3 times and see if that helps. Not having a pump whine doesn't mean the pump or regulator isn't on the way out. How many miles on your fuel filter? If you do discover the pressure is low or turning the key to run and off a couple of times helps I would first change the filter before doing the pump.

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