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Cant stop exhaust leak

This is a discussion on Cant stop exhaust leak within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I cant stop my exhaust from leaking where the headers meet the y-pipe. The clamps that came with headers sucked ...

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    Cant stop exhaust leak

    I cant stop my exhaust from leaking where the headers meet the y-pipe. The clamps that came with headers sucked so i bought the 3" band ones they sell at napa and they worked for a little while but now leak so someone told me to put aluminum foil around exhaust under the clamp. that worked for a little while too but after a few weeks it always starts leaking again and i have to put more foil on. anyone know of a better clamp or a way to stop it from always leaking? Thanks

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    you could weld it but that means in order to ever take it off you'll have to cut it and re-weld it. Why are they leaking so bad to begin with? What brand headers/Y? That's by far the best sealing area of my entire exhaust. How tight are you cranking those band clamps down?

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    Do you have enough hangers/support for the pipe? Your exhaust may be flexing or vibrating, causing your problem.

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    the headers are pacesetter longtubes from texas speed and their off road ypipe. Im tightening them down as tight as I can. the shaking/vibrating could be the problem because the exhaust does shake quite a bit.

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    +1 for supporting the system. I had a similar issue of "try this or that" to fix a leak. I welded in a few more exhaust hangars and problem fixed.
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    What is the distance between the header collector and the ORY? I asked becasue I was in the same situation last week. My passenger side had about 2" gap. I tried everything, header tape, the aluminum foil, nothing worked. So I bite the bullet and go to my muffler shop, had them cut that section out and replaced it to where it is within an 1/8". That way it still has some flexibility and the band clamps can cover the gap no problem. I also had them weld the single pipe coming off the ORY to the muffle but had them make a cut and place an extra clap by the spot at the rear passenger area before it goes over the axle for two reasons. One to be able to take apart and two get ready for a cut out.

    The reason I had such a huge gap was because I took the ORY off 2 months ago and welded the seems up. My first time welding and I forgot to do some tac welds prior to dropping it. Yeah I know Lesson learned. I had them do it this time because I don't have the tubing or a bender.

    +1 on extra hangers I fabbed one up for the ORY at the tunnel brace mount location and I haven't had any flex or vibration or header slap since.

    One last thing now that it is all sealed up my exhaust has a whole new sound.
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    Pics could help, of the whole system and the joint in question.

    The quickest way to resolve this, would be to take it to a shop as mentioned. They can either weld it or re fab it for the band clamp, but that will be more expensive than just welding it. Plus if it leaks again, take it back and they should be fixing it for free if a they're a quality shop.

    Isn't there always fitment issue with TSP y?

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