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camaro got keyed.... now what

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    camaro got keyed.... now what

    You work hard, save, and get the car you always wanted. Some people just dont respect that I guess, or they're just jealous bastards.

    I got keyed in my school parking lot. The left rear quarter panel got 3 big through the paint to bare metal lines the trunk lid got zig zags and lines the left rear quarter got a freaking 1/8th inch wide gash and the sail panel got a nice big line across it.

    the ironic thing is I just spent 11 hours washing, clay barring, paint cleaner, polishing, and waxing every bit of my car. Oh and polishing the wheels/grill.. then three days later I get keyed.

    Our school lot has cameras all over it that can see the face on a coin someone drops but security says that by getting a parking pass I agreed that anything that happend in the lot is not their problem so they wont show me the video from that morning.

    At this point a 500.00 deductable is a REAL pain in the ass at 18 in school I cant pay for much. So basically someone made themselves feel better I got fucked over and now the entire back of my car looks like shit. You can see the marks from 20 feet away without looking for them. I was ok until I got to my buds house and he goes what the fuck happened to your paint...then I lost it

    I just wish I could find that bastard that did this so I could hit him til' theyre skull collapsed. Oh and if it was a chick I think i'd be going to jail for a bit.

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    If there are cameras they should still be looking to see who it was and they should at least be punished by the school if not the autorities. Thats total BS whats the point of having the cameras if there not going to punish vandals. I can understand that by getting a parking pass all liability is put on you and not the school when something happens to your car but they should still be able to use the cameras as evidence to punish people.

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    wow that sucks man.- i'm sorry. I would kill that person if i found out who it was

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    File a report with the police, tell them where it happened and that the school may have proof but wont show you. Or call an attorney for advice. Its amazing what a few phone calls will do.

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    That's absolute bullshit that they have that on camera but refuse to look into. Like stated above, pulling a few strings with the local authorities or consulting a lawyer should help you. At least find out which face exactly needs to be introduced to your fist.

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    find out who done it and then punch his mother in the neck for having such a stupid S.O.B for a child

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    Call your DA as well. Tell your school security and the dean you are filing with the po po and calling the DA. A 500 deductable is steep. I have it now cause I've been to lazy to get my ash to my ins agent and lower it to 250.00

    Sorry to hear about it bro, I'va had similiar sh8t happen it makes you so mad cause you take such care and a juveniel ruins what you cherish. Might as well take it in and see the cost.
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    most insurance companies have 0 deductable on vandilizum,check with yours.

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    that is bullshit. I dont even want to think of how i would react if something like that happened to my car. Damn man there are too many assholes in the world

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    I agree with those above that said to make some phone calls. I would call the cops first and file a report and maybe you'll get a cool cop that will help you out. Have him meet you at school to file the report so he can talk to school security then.
    I know the feeling. My car stays in the garage every day of the year. I left it out for 2 days while I worked on the camper in the garage and someone shot it twice with a BB gun. Once in the rear quarter and the rear rim. Probably some car I spanked up town at some point.

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    It's those mustang owners. They do it every time! (jk) You should do as what was said above. If that doesn't work seeing it's school and everyone is always talking and hungry for money just tell a few people you'll give cash to who can deliver the punk that did it bloody and you'll find out who it is.

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