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Cam + Headers or Headers + Stall

This is a discussion on Cam + Headers or Headers + Stall within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Im in a dilemma car has following mods: LID...hehe, So down the road i am going to have all of ...

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    Cam + Headers or Headers + Stall

    Im in a dilemma car has following mods: LID...hehe, So down the road i am going to have all of these parts but would it be ok to first upgrade to Cam and Headers + tune before i get the stall or would things possibly mess up internally??? I mean i wouldnt think anything would mess up with a tune...right??

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    get a stall before a cam, most cams dont make much power at lower rpm's, so you need a stall to keep you in your power band

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    I vote for the headers and stall first. auto's love a good stall.

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    If you go with a decent sized cam it will push through the brakes and be a dog without the stall first. Just get a good stall and don't cheap out cause if it craps it will take the rest of your tranny with it. Yank, Vigilante(Precision Industries), Circle D as well as some others are good. I have had good luck with my Yanks.

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    Like I said , if you put a big cam in the motor it will show bigger dyno #'s ----
    but still be a dog off the line and not make any better track time with a stock converter + be a mutha to DD with low vacum and breaking
    SOOOOOOOOO...... unless your talking roll racing 60-130 ???

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    i am in the same dilema you are in. I have the headers and slowly gaining money for the cam/stall.
    If you are anything like me you reallly want that cam first b/c it is a "bigger" mod and it sounds cool and all that good stuff.

    With everyghing I have noticed about the lsx cars all autos need a stall hell my old chevelle needed a stall no fun without it. Plus the way i look at it is I can put my headers on, do other exhaust work, port my TB, remove intake, rearend upgrade, and a STALL!!!
    A cam swap to me is borderline weekend project for my level. So I would need to pay someone to help or do it outright

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    Go stall all way. I bought all my major mods at the same time, MS3 Cam (with appropriate support items), Headers, LS6 intake, 3600 stall, 9 inch rear with 4.11 gears, and installed them in 2 week incriments starting with LS6, headers first, then stall and trans build, then rear end swap, lastly Cam and tune. I drove the car after each mod for about 2 weeks. The biggest difference came from the stall hands down. Even going from a stock cam to a big MS3 and going from a stock rear with 2.73's to 9" with 4.11's, the stall felt like the biggest single gain.

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