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Caliper "grease"?

This is a discussion on Caliper "grease"? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I took my calipers appart to clean and paint them, and there was this dark gray grease on the rods ...

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    Caliper "grease"?

    I took my calipers appart to clean and paint them, and there was this dark gray grease on the rods that connect the two pieces. What is it and should I reapply it before I put the calipers back on the car?

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    Yes, that is the lube that helps keep the rods sliding. If there is still plenty, put it back together as is. If it is almost gone, or you cleaned it all off, get some from the auto parts store and re-lube. You wanna keep your rod lubed, you know!

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    i alwy use a hi temp brake lube on my stuff it has a copper tint to it and works well. i think its from 3m

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    Clean it, get all the old grease and debris off and then pick up some new greae. Like said above..
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    This is what I have found to work the best hands down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LS2Tuner View Post
    This is what I have found to work the best hands down.
    Click for full size
    same stuff I use. How long before your lid broke away from the brush?? They always do that.

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    Lube it! When I first got my Camaro after about 16 months it needed brakes. Found that the "pin" was "frozen" bone dry. Pin bent slightly too. Had to replace. You dont wanna know what it took to get the old one apart! Lots of swearin' Bought mine used low mileage. Finding a frozen calliper pin was the last thing I thought I'd find on a car with only 28k on it! Keep an eye on the driver side ones. Wheather side, gets all the splash from on comming traffic. Cleaned up the bore replaced the pin and grease was good to go.

    PS. Get new rubber boots too or it could dry out again. Hope this helped.
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