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Brakes - Road Racing Brakes

This is a discussion on Brakes - Road Racing Brakes within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I'm running a 2002 WS6, soon to have heads & cam - I autoX it and should be taking it ...

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    Brakes - Road Racing Brakes

    I'm running a 2002 WS6, soon to have heads & cam - I autoX it and should be taking it on a track this summer (one or two weekeds) where I could hit 120mph+
    Its my DD so I also need brakes that will work everyday, cold, dirty, etc.... reliable under any conditions. ... I also run big rubber in the back 315/35/17

    I'm running all stock pads and rotors now and I don't have any experience modifying vehicles for handling or braking so I don't really have anything to judge my decision by.

    I'm torn between light brakes for less unsprung weight and better handling, or the biggest brakes I can fit under my 17" Torque Thrust M rims.

    Pads and rotors are a must, but then there are new calipers, braided lines, etc to consider.

    Is there anyone out there with some experience in brake work that can give me a few pointers. I'm wonder what I can do on the cheaper side, but if going big $ is really what I should be looking at, I can find a way to make it happen.

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    wish i could help you, but im not the guy. I will point out however, that the ctsv zo6 combo is right up your alley. search this place, youll find it.
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    i am doing the same thing some small scca club event racing and these brakes are awful...i'm curious on what you hear i'll probally get the same set up

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    For short driving the hawks work well enough(autox courses), and for a first time on a road course you won't be driving it as hard as you may think (passing only permitted on straightaways, instructor, etc). If you do get serious carbotechs are nice I can't post a link of a non sponsor but just google them.
    ax6 for auto x I think
    xp10 in front xp8 in back for road racing
    then you can look into braided lines, new rotors, caliper ducting etc as you find out later what you need if you find pads and fluid aren't sufficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by az gt eater View Post
    wish i could help you, but im not the guy. I will point out however, that the ctsv zo6 combo is right up your alley. search this place, youll find it.

    He won't be able to run this...requires an 18" wheel minimum, same with the C6z06 calipers.

    Might be able to run the c5 or z51 calipers (not sure if those will work with 17" wheels though)...maybe someone else can chime in on that.

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    I've been looking at the Bear systems actually. The Baer "Pro Plus" come with large calipers that take C5 or C6 pads, and 13" rotors...supposedly they fit under 17 and even 16" wheels in some applications.
    Thought I can't find anyone that sells the system for F-body applications.

    There's also the Baer claw GT Plus, which fits "most 17 inch wheels", I'm not certain of the size pad it takes, but its a much less racy looking caliper and has either 12.75 or 13" rotors.

    I don't see any upgrades for the back, but some large lightweight EradiSpeed Plus 2 rotors would probably be a decent upgrade (along with the right pads) but as far as I can tell only the heavier Decelarotors are offered for F-body applications.

    I may have to call Baer and see what they recommend. I don't want to get a system that is overly front biased, especially since the rear wheels are significantly heavier than the fronts on my car.

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    I don't autocross but built my car for tearing down backroads at much higher than posted speeds. I have a set of crossdrilled/slotted rotors, earls stainless lines, and ebc red stuff pads. My car stops alot alot better with just that and I'm running 18's with kdw nt's 275/35's out back and I do alot of fast stops from 130 to 60 and they haven't warped yet though I do tear through a set of pads every 10k miles or less. I do plans to upgrade the front with some vette brakes.
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