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Brake Fluid Everywhere!

This is a discussion on Brake Fluid Everywhere! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So, I was replacing the front pads on my car last night, starting with the passenger side. Everything went well ...

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    Brake Fluid Everywhere!

    So, I was replacing the front pads on my car last night, starting with the passenger side. Everything went well on the passenger side, and I moved over to the driver side. I pulled the caliper pin, swung the caliper up, removed the old pads and began to compress the pistons when I saw 'fluid' running down the inside of the wheel well. I assumed I had punctured the brake line somehow and it was spraying out. I ran my hand down the line to find the break, but it was intact. Then it struck me - I HAD FORGOTTEN TO SIPHON SOME FLUID OUT OF THE RESERVOIR BEFORE I STARTED!

    I popped the hood, and saw brake fluid overflowing the reservoir and running down the firewall. Looking under the car, I see a long streak of fluid on the garage floor about 1/2 back to the center of the door. It was especially dripping around the weld for my subframe connector, which is begining to rust anyway. The stuff was running down the frame and dripping onto the floor at random spots.

    I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy, but I had to finish it up quick, back it out of the garage and wash it (mainly the undercarraige) at 10:30pm last night.

    I hope it dosent cause the under carraige to rust! Especially the subframe weld.

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    Just make sure you flush everywhere it could have gotten real good, even use some simple green to ensure you get it all. As far as the weld i would clean up the welds with some sand paper or a sanding wheel too remove the rust then i would take engine paint or caliper paint and paint over the welds so they wont rust.
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    Water will wash away and dilute brake fluid to the point of not worrying about it if you caught it fairly fast. Otherwise you would see the paint crinkle up fairly fast so if that has'nt happened yet it probably won't.

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