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    Bleeding brakes on 2002 Trans Am

    I would like to change the brake fluid on my 2002 Pontiac Trans am but everyone I talk has never done this on a vehicle with ABS brakes or on traction control. The haynes manuel says you need Tech-1 or T-100 scan tool to do this brake bleeding. I found on the internet that the tool is used to clear a code if ABS was used recently. Haynes manuel says ABS modulator which I guess is the caliber. I guess anyone who has installed SS brake lines would have some experience with a fluid change? Does the bleeding of the brakes work like any other non ABS brake fluid change as when someone is depressing the brake the fluid is force thru the ABS unit? Any help or links would be greatly apreciated. I tried search which does not seem to provide any info.

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    You can bleed the brakes like you do on any vehicle provided you don't let the system go dry. So the basic method is to crack open a bleeder valve while a helper pumps the brakes and forces fluid through the system. Drain down the master cylinder until it is very low on fluid but do not let it suck air....fill it with clean fluid when it gets down pretty low. Repeat the process until clean fluid is coming out of the bleeder valves. Start with the rear wheels, and then move to the front. When you are done top the cylinder off with fresh fluid and check for leaks.

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    I didn't do anything special when I installed my SS lines and everything works fine. Just don't let that resivoir go dry, as mentoned above

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    If you would like a different method go to "another question-brake pads-do I need to bleed the system?" thread (10-6-05).I gave a good method for gravity bleeding there.Don't worry about the small amount of fluid in the ABS unit-flush your fluid regularly(once a year)and it won't be an issue.

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    i just blead my brakes under the instructions that 02z28ls1 gave me in my post "another question- brake pads-do I need to bleed the system" Step by step, and my brakes are fine now. Thanks 02z28ls1.

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    When I had my brakes and hoses upgraded, the shop "gravity bleed" my brake system when the vehicle was up on the hoist. I was in the vehicle pumping the brakes while the technicion bleed each wheel one by one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mcamp001
    I didn't do anything special when I installed my SS lines and everything works fine. Just don't let that resivoir go dry, as mentoned above
    I was thinking of getting SS lines. I guess with Traction control there are 6 lines. I found all six lines. One to each wheel and 2 lines going from the body to the rear axel. I have traction control. Any others ? I was wondering if a non traction control car has only one brake line from body to axel?

    Safe to assume the system is dry when installing the SS lines. How much brake fluid did you have on hand to refill and get air out?
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