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best way to fix the cats

This is a discussion on best way to fix the cats within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Well my 2000 ss M6 hit 82k. Now started to get codes P0172, P0175 and P0430. I had this happen ...

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    best way to fix the cats

    Well my 2000 ss M6 hit 82k. Now started to get codes P0172, P0175 and P0430. I had this happen about a year ago and finally traced it to a vacum leak in the cheap hose bewteen the PCV and throttle body. 5 cent hose fixed it.

    Now the codes are back and I d'ont hear a vacume leak. Doubt both O2s would go out together. I did run a tank of Tecktron fuel injector cleaner and the codes showed up at the end of the tank??

    If I can't clear the codes what is the best way to gut the cats and maybe but in a basic nitrus system. Is it hard for a very basic system? Car is totally stock and runs 22-24mpg so can't be too rich. Best track time a couple months ago was 13.999 with stock car and "touring commuting tires"

    Now it is getting a little older I think I need to take it up a knotch. Can $600 do it if I do the work myself?

    Jim in Mi

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    600 would get you Pacesetter headwers and off road ypipe... no more cats.

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    true or you can find a ypipe from a stocker cheap and use that as your replacement, but id go for the LTs

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    I would doubt your cats have anything to do with rich codes. I would assume you have something else going on there. Is the car missing at all? Any mods?

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