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Best Pulley out there .

This is a discussion on Best Pulley out there . within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; which are the best? ASP Pulley Powerbond Pulley SLP Pulley BBK Pulley...

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    Best Pulley out there .

    which are the best?

    ASP Pulley
    Powerbond Pulley
    SLP Pulley
    BBK Pulley

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    I run the ASP pulley, never had a problem with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FMR_TransAm View Post
    which are the best?

    ASP Pulley
    Powerbond Pulley
    SLP Pulley
    BBK Pulley
    Personally I wouldnt touch the BBK or ASP. BBK and summit are the same brand and both have a habbit of deteriorating on cars after a short time. And asp may be ok now but a couple years back hey had some quality control issues and the inner rubber hub would separate from the pulley causing some pretty bad damage. The powerbond and the slp are actually the same pulley in a different box an would get my vote if i was going with a lower end under drive pulley.

    I personally have an ATI which is regarded as the best ( i only bought it because i got a good deal) it what gm high performance uses on their builds as well as the Katech team. The reason being is that ati is the only "true" damper out there the others like powerbond bbk etc just have a rubber hub in them to help reduce crank vibration. ATI is the only one with a special damper formula to actually get rid of the vibrations of the crank. Now the ATI is only a 10% underdrive but often provides the same if not more hp than the other pullies because it not only underdrives the accessories but it correctly dampens the motor decreasing vibration and thus increasing hp. If you're dead set on a new one then go with the powerbond hands down, if you can ait a but then maybe hold out for a used ATI.

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