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I asked Matt Murphy in Indy about this. Hes said that Neither Berger or GMMG have ever locked the computers and that if it is locked, it wasn't locked by GMMG or Berger. If you don't beleive it you may want to call him GMMG Inc. 4190 JVL Industrial Park Drive Marietta, GA 30066 Phone : 770 592-6261
That's interesting. I was sitting there as the guys at DTE here in Fort Wayne (who specialize in our late model Camaros/TAs/Vettes btw) dynoed it and then tried to get into the computer to see if there was any "tweaking" that could still be done. It was DEFINITELY locked, and we even ran it down the road to a Chevy dealership. They couldn't get in either. I'm the 2nd owner, there is no way that the guy who had it before knew how or had reason to lock it (this guy just left it parked outside all year near the beach in Florida , hence the paint job needing some love when I got it).

Anyway, I appreciate the info. Kinda makes me wonder why the hell it's locked.