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Bad ABS Problem

This is a discussion on Bad ABS Problem within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; 98 T/A 126k. Recently the ABS light came on, ORION suggested it was the sensors. Have yetto get into that ...

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    Bad ABS Problem

    98 T/A 126k. Recently the ABS light came on, ORION suggested it was the sensors. Have yetto get into that as of yet.

    What is happening now is upon start up, I drive it a few feet, hit the brakes and the pedal is hard, real hard with the ABS pulsing feeling in the pedal (no light is on yet) After a few of these hard stops, the steering wheel will jerk to left or right as almost losing control. After a few, the ABS light comes on and the problem is well as my ABS.

    Front brakes 7k new. Rears are shot and will be replaced this weekend. I notice a shake in the wheel sometimes and lastly, where in the hell are these ABS sensors?


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    bleed the system left right front and back. if that does not fix it replace the lines, they may be collapsing. if that does not fix it do the front calipers they may be sticking.

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    there are abs sensors located in the calipers in the front and possibly in the rear by the diff. = abs speed sensors. any of those not working properly would set off the light. Allthough i dont think this is your problem.. your abs unit could be malfunctioning do to some relays related.. this could also effect the booster making your pedel hard. in addition i would probably replace your front caliper hoses if they are leaking or collapsing. that would cause what would feel like one wheel locking up. Rotors could also cause a side to side motion if they are worn improperly.

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