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Anyone got a write-up on replacing a fuel filter?

This is a discussion on Anyone got a write-up on replacing a fuel filter? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by SSTODD You guys are blowing a fuel filter The fuel will be filtered by the media inside ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSTODD View Post
    You guys are blowing a fuel filter The fuel will be filtered by the media inside so air passing thru is not very scientific and I would avoid fuel in mouth contact.

    Nobody said anything about scientific...on top of that, if air can get through it, so can liquid. Its just for comparison and curiousity. Even more on top of that, if you cant handle a lil bit o' gasoline on the might as well wear high heels and drag a pink purse around.

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    It just sounded funny man, and if no air or gas was getting thru it the car would not have run in the first place. The performance increase would be it running again.

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    Piece of cake for me... unbolted the bolt that held the rubber hose to the body.. took off the nut that hooked the filter to the line... pulled that end off the line and dumped it into a country crock butter dish waited a few minutes for that to slow down.. then squeezed the plastic tabs to take off the other end..and quite a bit more came out pretty fast.. I would suspect it was There was actually a lot in the line.. more than half filled that bucket! Then did the reverse.. turned the key to on for a sec.. then offf.. then started right up. 10 mins tops.
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