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Anyone ever try an oil cooler?

This is a discussion on Anyone ever try an oil cooler? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ive been driving my camaro alot lately...and have found my oil is breaking down rather quickly...i run mobil 1 10w-30 ...

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    Anyone ever try an oil cooler?

    Ive been driving my camaro alot lately...and have found my oil is breaking down rather quickly...i run mobil 1 10w-30 full synthetic, and change every 3k miles...but the oil is extremly thin by then...but i pay attention to my oil pressure gauge will sit higher when i start it for the day, naturally. but as it runs for a lil bit, the oil pressure will drop off, due to the oil warming up ad thinning question is, would be useful or beneficial to run an external oil cooler? and if so, has anyone ever tried this, and how difficult will this be to do? i am pretty mechanically inclined, but not happy bout drilling in my oil pump or what not, but will do it to save a motor thanks steve

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    I think my SS came with one from the factory but I don't know if the Z did?

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    I run a rather large one on the GTO. Couple of things to consider.
    1. You want your oil to reach a minimum of 180f to burn off fuel/water etc.
    2. You should install a oil thermostat ( ) that will aloow your oil to come up to temp before it is routed to the cooler.
    3. Mobil1 is some thin shit anyway and I would recommend a thicker synthetic with a higher film strength ( HTHS) like Pennzoil Platinum 10-30 or Castrol Syntec 10-30 over Mobil1 for our LSX motors.
    Bottom line is cooling off a oil that has sheared is like shutting the barn door after the cow has run off. Temp doesnt cause shearing altogether....pressure and temp causes shearing....

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    how is your oil cooler plumbed Sarge? ?

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