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Any Corvette body repair question

This is a discussion on Any Corvette body repair question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a question for you body repair guys... I was hit from the rear yesterday in my Vette. I ...

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    Any Corvette body repair question

    I have a question for you body repair guys...

    I was hit from the rear yesterday in my Vette. I noticed the pillar at the rear between the doors and hatch is moved forward towards the front doors, more on the passenger side that the drivers side. And I also have a wider rear tire to fender gap on the drivers side and less gap on the passenger side.

    Has the frame been bent and is it repairable on these Covettes ?

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    Well I have a 79 vette, but back in 98 I was at the Corvette show of Iowa and GM brought a frame and a cut out C5. On the frame both front and rear they had points marked where the frame could be cut and a new sections welding in, in theory you could swap out front or rear sections. Weather they kept this in 98 and up vettes I donít know.

    Cutting the frame and welding it back together in my mind could not be as strong as a one piece hydro formed frame, nor would I think an insurance company would buy off on it. Tho it might be an idea to fix it on a salvage title?
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