so another "car won't start" thread! but this is a weird one....the car has been a troublefree car and has been good to me...well the car has been sitting for about 2-3 weeks and finally i went go take it to work and starts up on the first crank. after a hards day of work i go to start it again to go home, it won't start!!! battery is fine because i can turn on the headlights, turn the fog lights on, honk the horn, and turn on the interior lights. the dash lights(oil light, battery light, etc...)doesn't even come on when turning the key to the on position. this has happened before but all i did to "accidently" fix the problem was touch a couple of connectors. so i'm thinking it could be the sensor/chip on the key that is worned out or something!!!! the car is an 95' z28 w/ about 117xxx miles on it, only one owner!! i need help plz!!!!