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Am I being BS'd

This is a discussion on Am I being BS'd within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by 02z28ls1 If you owned your own home and had a plumbing problem you'd call a plumber-unless you ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02z28ls1
    If you owned your own home and had a plumbing problem you'd call a plumber-unless you could do it yourself.If you want your car worked on and you can do it yourself you will.If not- you're going to have to pay somebody to do it-and that somebody has a business to run.No it's not rape if the man asks you do you want something done and you say yes-it's up to you what you want to do.A business provides a service -you pay for it-the "salesman" needs to offer his services in order to stay in business.Shop around if you feel your being taken for a ride-go with the shop that you want.
    You make a good point here. There will always be guys out there who just want to make a buck on you, but if you don't have the knowledge, tools or time to do it on your own, then you have to be careful in the process of selecting who will do the work.

    Most tuners are more apt to give you a break on parts and/or labor if you buy and have them install their parts. But you'll want to go with a reputable tuner that has done some work on LS1 and similar cars. You don't want some guy in a dirty old garage, or who has only worked on unmodified cars.

    And before anyone assumes that because shop A is charing more than shop B and therefore raping the customer, get written estimates from both and see how detailed they are. Anyonce can quote you a price on cylinder heads and cam and a basic tune, but have they also figured on all the gaskets, fluids, new spark plugs, etc.

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    the only part I can comment on is the converter. I called around to all the shops in my area, looking for a converter. All they could offer me was a 2800, reason being was the shops just restall out the stock converters. I called many shops and all said, anything over a 2800 stall would be horrible to drive on the street. I put off getting one for a long time, but after reading peoples experience on many FBody related forums I went for one. I bought a SLP(yank) 2600 stealth stall. Was in my car for about 3 months and didn't do anything for me in the 1/4 most a 1/10 if I was lucky. So I finally decided to buy a Fuddle 3400 stall with a 2.1 STR after talking to Fuddle on the phone. I am very happy with the 3400, dropped my times a 1/2 second and my Z28 is my daily driver. I didn't need any tuning for normal driving, but I did change my shift points a little and rev limiter for at the track since it sometimes will bounce off it, but has been a issue since my 02 Z28 was new. The only thing the 3400 stall did for driveabilty was you have to push the gas more than stock. I love it and now I am finally in the 12's everytime I go to the track and a 3900 pound car with little mods. I still need a tune, because I get PWM(pulse width modulation) which is lower rpms under around 1,900 if I lug the car it sounds like rocks rattling. It really isn't much of a issue since I have been driving like this for 6 months and doesn't happen much.

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    Thumbs down Sounds Like, smells like, looks like, must be. . . . . BS

    Sounds like "Old School Flat Tappet Cam" thinking.

    You did tell him that it was an LS1 with a roller cam and the Cam you will be using will probably have a much wider LSA than conventional flat tappet cams! Didn't you? Ha Ha

    Probably all he heard was ".590 lift and thought oh shit, circle track cam!
    3200 stall!
    Daily driver!
    Does not compute!

    I agree, talk to a tuner or someone up to speed on new roller motors and LSX tuning. Plus there is a lot of good info in this website if just do some digging.

    I'm still learning about the Gen III motors as well, and had to dispel a lot of "Old School" beliefs that I hung onto. I've been building Gen 1 small blocks and Poncho motors since the late 70's. Lot of changes!

    Good Luck

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