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Air Conditioner Conversion

This is a discussion on Air Conditioner Conversion within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I Have A 94 Firebird With A Ls1/ws6 Conversion. I Want To Use My Air Conditioner. (its Geting Hot). The ...

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    Air Conditioner Conversion

    I Have A 94 Firebird With A Ls1/ws6 Conversion. I Want To Use My
    Air Conditioner. (its Geting Hot).
    The V6 Used An Expansion Valve Control & The Ls1 Uses The Orifice
    Tube Style. Also, The Pcm's Control Differently. Has Anyone
    Homologated The Two Systems Togeather? I Don't Want To Change
    The Evaporator If I Can Get Away With It. Lil Help Please

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    No I haven't done that myself. But I don't think you have as much of a problem as you think. You might have to have a few hoses custom made but that's not a big deal. The orifice type will operate without any outside control-no issues there. The evaporator will operate fine too. As for the PCM though I have no knowledge of the differences so I can't help there. Basically my understanding of that is it will kick the idle speed up when the compressor kicks in so as to not stall the motor. Maybe it really won't be much of an issue in this application- I'd give it a shot and see what happens. Now fan control- you might have to go to a manual control switch to turn your fan on when the A/C is on. These are available from a couple different sources.

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    02z28ls1-air Conditioning Question

    Thanks For The Ac Answer:
    I Had Forgotten About The Throtle Boost On The Ac.
    I Will Charge The System And Try The Expansion Valve Evaporator.
    Its A Lot Of Work To Swap Evaporators. I Understand The 98 Pump
    Has A Pressure Regulator In It, Hope This Works On The Old System
    Ok. Acording To The Schematic The 94 Used A Temp Control To Regulate The
    Pcm And The 98 (orifice Type) Only Sends Presure Information To The Pcm. Ill Leave The Pressure Switch Hooked Up For Pump Protection And See If The Expansion Valve Will Control Ok Without
    Icing The Evaporator.

    Thank For Your Help 02z28ls1

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    The main difference between the orfice tube and expansion valve is that the compressor is cylced off when low side pressure drops to a certain pressure on the orifice tube configuration. The expansion valve runs the compressor continously. I know the LS1 PCM monitors the pressures through some transducers. It is set to cycle the compressor off at a certain point.

    There is two ways you could go about getting it to work.
    1. Wire in a relay to turn on the compressor and wire a manual fan control to turn on the fans when the HVAC control is set to A/C. The only down fall to this is that the engine idle speed won't increase when the a/c is turned on.

    2. Wire the PCM into the HVAC controls and to the compressor clutch relay. Reprogram the PCM to keep the compressor on all the time with Hptuners or EFI live (I am not 100% sure this parameter exists in the program).

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